Users Should Upgrade Apple iPhones and iPads to 9.3.5 Immediately

SYGNET is advising clients inform their end users to upgrade their Apple iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) to the latest release which is 9.3.5 as soon as possible. This update was released late last week.

The reason for this recommendation is the potential for the spread of a particularly nefarious piece of malware named Pegasus. There is significant media coverage of this exploit for users who wish to know more about the specifics, however we agree with Apple’s recommendation to install this update quickly.

SYGNET has tested the update internally, and so far has not come across any major issues. There are also no wide spread reports of problems with the update from the media. That being said, we recommend users to consider the timing of their updating to avoid major inconvenience in the event of a problem (ie. do not update your device right before travelling).

The following is a link to instructions on how to initiate an update on an iOS device.

This is what Proactive Managed Services looks like.

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