SonicWALL Releases new Content Filtering Service

SYGNET has standardized on SonicWALL firewalls to protect our client’s networks for years. One of the capabilities we have relied on to provide extra security for the network and risk control regarding employee surfing, is the Internet Content Filtering Service (CFS). We configure the CFS on our client networks to block access to hacking websites, and other undesirable categories such as proxy avoidance. This helps boost the security of the network as a whole. Further to that, some of our clients want to block employee access to sites categorized as Pornography, Violence/Hate/Racism, Gambling, and others. We have had good success with the SonicWALL CFS in the past, and now they have released version 4.0 in the latest updates to their firewalls. This update, which is free to clients with active support, will allow for more granularity in the filtering policies, and more options on the actions to take within the policies. This combined with faster performance should increase our client’s satisfaction with this great service from SonicWALL.

SYGNET will be rolling out CFS 4.0 to Active Network Management service clients in October and November of this year.

This is what Proactive Managed Services looks like.


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