MS Office 365 Migration – Andriod (Samsung Galaxy)

Last Updated May 23rd, 2015 at 11:58AM

The following details how to reconfigure your Andriod based Phone or Tablet to connect to Microsoft Office 365 Hosted Exchange. The screen shots below are from a Samsung Galaxy 5S Phone running Lollipop (5.x.x), but other devices and versions of Android will see similar options. Before proceeding, make sure you have the email with the new credentials from SYGNET available. We recommend printing or writing down the credentials before proceeding. Users with multiple mailboxes will need to go through the steps below for each mailbox, one at a time. We also recommend performing the steps below over Wifi rather than cellular due to the initial re synchronization that will occur (which will use more data than an average day).

Note: SYGNET will be adjusting server settings starting at 5PM Friday, May 22nd. Do not attempt these steps until after this time! Once SYGNET has preformed the changes on the server side your device will likely start prompting you for your password. This is expected, and when that occurs Cancel out of the prompts and follow the steps below to configure your device for the hosted mailbox.

  1. If you have not done so already, please open a browser and go to Login with the credentials provided to ensure they are correct. If you are prompted to change your password, please do so and make a note of what you made it. Going forward, SYGNET will not be able to see what your password is, we will only be able to reset it. If you have difficulties logging into the portal site, please contact SYGNET for assistance.
  2. On your Andriod device, go to your home screen and select Settings and swipe sideways until you are under General, and then select Accounts.

  3. In the Accounts screen select Microsoft Exchange Active….

  4. In the Microsoft Exchange Activ… screen, select Settings.

  5. In the Manage accounts screen, select the + symbol in the upper right corner.

  6. On the Set up email screen, enter the “<Email address>” for the new account on the line labeled Email address. For the Password field, use the updated password you created in the Portal website, or enter the SYGNET provided password if you were not prompted to change your password by the Portal site. Then click Next.

  7. For the Add email account screen, select MICROSOFT EXCHANGE ACTIVESYNC.

  8. When the prompt titled Remote security administration appears click OK.

  9. When the Account options screen appears, check the box for Set as default account if this will be the main account on the device, then click NEXT to continue.

  10. On the Set up email screen click DONE to finish.


At this point, the account should be updated and your device should now be synchronizing with the new Hosted MS Office 365 mailbox. You can leave the Settings screens and open the various mailbox related Apps (Email, S Planner (Calendar), Contacts) to see if they are updating. It will likely take a few minutes until everything is up to date. Once you are happy with how the new account is working, you can go into the Accounts settings and remove the old one(s).

Congratulations, at this point your device should be fully configured to use your new MS Office 365 hosted mailbox!