GreenCentre Canada MS Office 365 Migration

Welcome to the GreenCentre Canada Microsoft Office 365 Migration Page! The following is a description of the migration process, along with guided instructions to help users get their computers and mobile devices configured for use with the new hosted Exchange service from Microsoft.

Migration Process

  • SYGNET created a new hosted Exchange mailbox with Microsoft for each existing mailbox a user may have.
  • SYGNET replicated the contents of each on premise mailbox to the associated new mailbox hosted by Microsoft. The replicated data includes email, calendars, contacts, tasks and more. Users should not lose any data in the process. The original contents of the on premise mailboxes are left in place as a backup to the process.
  • SYGNET will provide each user with the login credentials for their new hosted mailbox a few days before the scheduled cutover data and time. Users will receive a username and password for each hosted mailbox they have.
  • At the designated cutover date and time, SYGNET will redirect new inbound emails for GreenCentre Canada to go to Microsoft instead of the on premise server. From this point, users will need to be configured to use the new Microsoft hosted mailbox to send and receive new emails.
  • Users will add the new hosted mailbox to MS Outlook running on their Apple Mac or PC. The old and new accounts will initially exist in parallel. After the migration is completed, users will be free to remove the old mailbox from their MS Outlook configurations. Users with more than one mailbox will simply go through the process for each one they have.
  • Users will confirm their mobile device has successfully repointed to the new hosted mailbox. If the mobile device does not update automatically, users will adjust the settings manually to point to the new hosted mailbox.
  • SYGNET will provide direct support to users who experience any difficulty configuring their systems. Users will also have access to Microsoft Outlook Web Access to work with their mailboxes in the event they are having problems using their normal client device(s).

Configuration Pages

MS Outlook on Apple Mac

Apple IOS (iPhone/iPad)

Andriod (Samsung Galaxy)

MS Outlook on Windows 7