Good Article on why 3rd Party Patching Matters

SYGNET has always regarded timely patching and updating of systems as a serious part of overall security. So often we read of data breaches where hackers took advantage or one or several known vulnerabilities in the target systems that could have been blocked through proactive patching. There are some hacks that take advantage of unknown vulnerabilities, however those are actually the minority. Most people of familiar with the need to patch their Operating System, such as Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac, however it is just as important to consider other commonly attacked software. Hackers tend to focus where they get the most bang for their effort, hence they will target common 3rd Party Software, such as Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Java, and VLC Player. A good article covering 3rd Party Software can be seen here. SYGNET’s Active Network Management service covers the patching of all the software mentioned in this article. Further to that, SYGNET will help clients by uninstalling software they do not need, thereby reducing the possibility of attack.

This is what Proactive Managed Services looks like.

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